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Ingredients Policy

Natural & Organic

At WFN Naturals our aim is to only manufacture and stock products that are all natural, chemical free and non-harmful. If a product does not meet this standard then it does not make it onto our catalogue. Our sea moss is organic and harvested in its natural environment, all our dried herbs are pure plant material, our honey is pure and unprocessed, our soaps are handcrafted and chemical free and our oils are 100% pure. Our products undergo routine microbial testing to ensure that they were hygienically harvested and are safe for human consumption.

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Earn extra income by distributing sea moss and other health – promoting natural products from our catalogue. Register to become an authorized distributor and start your small business today.

Sourcing Policy

We source our products from all over the African continent. A lot of the herbs, grains and oils superfoods we sell would qualify as organic because they are grown without synthetic fertilizers and non-harmful pesticides despite not being officially certified. 

Vegan friendly products

All the products in our catalogue are vegan friendly and contain no ingredients from any source other than plants. All supplements that we sell in capsule form are made using vegetarian capsules. Our entire product range is vegan and cruelty free.

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