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Why we exist

WFN Naturals was established to serve as a platform for people searching for healthier and more natural ways to live and secure their health. 

Whilst WFN Naturals is a retailer of sea moss and other natural products, but the most significant aspect of our work is that we seek to inspire a shift in the mindset of people about how to achieve and maintain great health. Our aim is to set the foundation for a healthier Africa and to make it possible for people to participate in this transformation through the provision of health promoting products that are medicinal, nutritious and safe to consume.  

"The way to better health is through improved nutrition and detoxification"

Issa Nkayagwa Abrahaman

Chief Executive Officer 

When WFN Naturals was established, the aim was to choose a line of business in which it would be possible to contribute to a healthier world through our work.

We understood very early that the approach that creates a problem cannot be the approach that solves it, and as such, we began our quest knowing that the path we choose will be an uncommon one. Our pursuit first led us to organic agriculture and then into the world of wildcrafted sea moss. We became interested in this superfood after coming across the teachings of Dr Sebi which resonated with us and made us question the validity of much of what we had been taught about health and healing. We quickly decided to make sea moss one of the focal points of our business with the aim of being among the few suppliers of quality wildcrafted sea moss based in East Africa and offer our customers the opportunity to experience its healing benefits.  

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